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Toronto Garage Equipment Inc. Installation

Factory trained
Our service technicians are factory trained on all makes and models of automotive service equipment.  We can work with you on smaller projects such as the install of a single lift or larger projects such as the construction of an entire facility complete with the accompanying process systems. 

Install all systems
Toronto Garage Equipment Inc. is the premier installer for in-ground and heavy-duty lifts in Ontario.  Unlike most other service companies, we have the ability to install any configuration of lifts to meet your service needs and will promote the best option for your project.

Offer options
Lift installation often involves excavation, backfill and concrete work, and touches on electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems as well.  Toronto Garage Equipment Inc. has the in-house expertise to install all aspects of a vehicle service facility, including:

Vehicle lifts             
Compressed Air systems
Bulk Fluid systems
Waste fluid systems
Exhaust CO2 Extraction systems

Pressure wash systems

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