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Online safety training and government regulations for auto service facilities

Safety Services (inspection/safety training)

Toronto Garage Equipment Inc. offers various online safety training courses to ensure that your facility meets the Ontario Health and Safety Requirements as well as individual manufacturer equipment training needs.  All training can be completed online and a log of this information is maintained for your individual service facility.  For further information about training opportunities, please login to your customer account. 

In addition to training opportunities and documentation, a complete record of your facility's inspection history is available online and can be viewed by logging into your customer account. 


Toronto Garage Equipment Inc. is committed to providing on-going support to ensure an efficient and safe facility.  According to Ontario workplace safety regulations, vehicle lifts must be inspected by qualified service personnel at least once a year. Many service environments choose to have their equipment inspected more regularly. We provide a complete checklist report for each lift, a placard with a dated inspection sticker, and inspection certificate. As well, we will provide a detailed quote for any repair work necessary.

• Lift Inspection - Single Post Inground Lift
• Lift Inspection - Two-Post Surface Mounted Lift
• Lift Inspection - Ramp-Style w/ Bridge Jacks
• Lift Inspection - 4 Post Lift
• Lift Inspection - Heavy-Duty Moving-Post Style Lift
• Lift Inspection - Mobile Column Lifts

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