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Toronto Garage Equipment and Services Bulk Fluid


We can provide virtually any configuration of fluid handling system. From pumps, reels and metering guns, to portable dispensers and collectors, Toronto Garage Equipment can help you manage your bulk oil and fluid system needs. Our services include:

1.     Equipment sales

•      Motor oil systems
•      Antifreeze systems
•      Windshield wash fluid systems
•      Grease systems

2.     System equipment service maintenance and repair

We provide top-notch maintenance and repair for lubrication and multi fluid systems (pumps, tanks, metres hoses and reels). Our technicians are familiar with almost all makes of lubrication and fluid handling equipment products on the market including: Eurolube  - Alemite – Graco – Samson – Lincoln

3.     System design consultation

Bulk fluid handling systems are an important part of today’s vehicle service facilities. Increased production time, accurate inventory monitoring and employee safety due to reduced chemical exposures are only a few benefits that a well designed fluid handling systems can offer.  Our design and consultation services offer our customer the opportunity to handle their specific fluid storage and dispensing requirements.

4.     System installation

We offer a complete installation service for the most common lubrication and multi fluid handling systems found in today’s service facilities. Our equipment installations meet all the requirements demanded by Ontario’s workplace regulations, Equipment manufacture specifications and Canadian environmental laws.  Our systems are installed correctly and are followed by the best warranty and service in the industry.

5.     System testing

The fluid handling systems installed by Toronto Equipment Inc. are tested to ensure that fluids and lubricants are contaminate free, dispense accurately and are in safe operating condition according to Ontario’s safety regulations.

6.     System equipment operator training

We train our customers in equipment operation, safety issues and equipment maintenance. Please see our training section for more information.

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