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Toronto Garage Equipment and Services Compressed Air


Whether you are building a new facility, renovating an existing facility, require new equipment, or have a service issue Toronto Garage Equipment and Services is your source for all your compressed air system needs.  Our services include:

1.       Equipment sales

•        Compressors - We offer a full selection of Air Compressors, ideally suited for use in automotive service environments.
•        Hoses and hose reels
•        Filters regulators and gauges
•        Refrigerated air dryers
•        Pipe networks (Aluminum, vinyl, Polypropylene and black pipe)

2.       System equipment service maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance is an essential part of ensuring your compressed air system is running efficiently and problem free.  A poorly maintained compressed air system will result in higher energy consumption, poor tool performance and pre-mature tool/equipment failures resulting in costly repairs and loss of valuable production time.

3.       System design consultation

Equipment selection and system layout play an important role when designing an efficient compressed air system for today’s vehicle service facilities. A wide range of tools/ applications, rising energy costs, equipment overheads and environmental concerns are all important aspects that we address in our systems.  As specialists in the unique needs of the vehicle service industry we design the best system that is right for you.

4.       System installation

We offer complete installation for all aspects of a compressed air system. Our equipment installations meet all the requirements demanded by Ontario’s workplace regulations, equipment manufacture specifications and any additional requests/concerns from of our customers.  Our systems are installed correctly and are followed by the best warranty and service in the industry.

5.       System testing

System testing is imperative to having a safe and efficient workplace.  Toronto Garage Equipment and Services offers compressed air system testing to detect leaks, air flow restrictions, equipment malfunctions and potential safety issues.

6.       System equipment operator training

We train our customers in equipment operation, safety issues and equipment maintenance.

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