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Toronto Garage Equipment and Services Exhaust Extraction


Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

Toronto Garage Equipment and Services offers both in ground and above ground vehicle exhaust removal solutions. Our systems can be configured in a variety of layouts to meet the specific needs of our customers.   Our services include:

1.       Equipment sales:

•        In-ground port systems
•        Exhaust hose reels systems
•        Swing arm and boom systems
•        Track systems

2.       System equipment service maintenance and repair:

We provide the highest quality service and maintenance service for exhaust extraction systems (reels, hoses, fans and exhaust ports). Our technicians are familiar with almost all makes of exhaust extraction systems such as Source Tec, Nedermann, Plymovent, Eurovac ect.

3.       System design consultation

We provided expert consultation to ensure your vehicle exhaust extraction systems are designed to ensure the safest environment for workers, while ensuring all of the economical benefits that a well designed fluid handling system can offer.  Our design and consultation services tailor each system to the specific needs of our customers.

4.       System installation

We offer a complete installation service for the most common exhaust extraction systems found in today’s service facilities. Our equipment installations meet all the requirements demanded by Ontario’s workplace regulations, Equipment manufacture specifications and Canadian environmental laws.  Our systems are installed correctly and are followed by the best warranty and service in the industry.

5.       System equipment operator training

We train our customers in equipment operation, safety issues and equipment maintenance. Please see our training section for more information.

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